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The new maritime breath of Berdoues: Ylang & Fleur de Sel.

The maritime breath of Berdoues: Ylang & Fleur de Sel.
The maritime breath of Berdoues: Ylang & Fleur de Sel.

Ylang & Fleur de Sel from Berdoues, a maritime and solar breath on the skin

The Berdoues family has always been passionate about perfumes and cosmetics. Thus, she created her own brand of fragrances and treatments in 1902, giving birth to a generous
and authentic universe . For more than 100 years, Berdoues has been delighting
men and women, while passing on its unique know-how from
generation to generation.

Today managed by Sophie Berdoues, the eponymous brand wanted to pay tribute to its predecessors. This is how the 1902 collection was born. Among the fragrances that make it up, one is more summery and maritime. So, what would you say to treat yourself to an early vacation, while tasting the unique flavor of
Berdoues’ Ylang & Fleur de Sel perfume ?

1902, a very refined collection

If Berdoues was born at the beginning of the last century, it is above all thanks to two passionate and ambitious men: Pierre and Guillaume Berdoues. Until then hairdressers and barbers, they decided to make their own amber Eau de Cologne. The success was instantaneous! Then they made Toulouse violet one of their favorite ingredients. Today, it is precisely to this authenticity and this love of nature that the 1902 collection refers. The latter brings together “authentic and natural scented compositions”. Moreover, it is precisely all of Berdoues’ century-old expertise that benefits each of the cosmetic products that make it up, a unique know-how resulting from four generations in search of high standards, creativity and quality.

The discovery of a maritime universe via the Berdoues bottle

Ylang & Fleur de Sel comes in a packaging that says a lot about its scent. Let’s first discover its box … Cardboard and rectangular in shape, it is covered by many small drawings, as if directly made by hand. Ylang-ylang flowers rub shoulders with corals. The colored touches are turquoise or coral red. The universe is similar to that of the seabed, on a distant and exotic island. Inside this package is a 100 ml spray bottle. Its bluish color also refers to a lagoon. Cylindrical in shape, this bottle is quite classic and sober. In reality, no one could really give it an age, so much has Berdoues opted for timelessness.

The intoxicating and sunny scent of Ylang & Fleur de Sel

Ylang & Fleur de Sel is a perfume ideally designed for the summer season. It is thought of as a “salted flower, very soft and transparent”. As if to refer to the Eau de Cologne of yesteryear, it all starts with a very fresh flight, here slightly salty and iodized, like that released by sea spray. Then, the skin wet by the waves seems to heat up in contact with the sun. Jasmine and ylang-ylang give the whole a luminous and warm touch. The flowers give it an undeniable elegance. Musk amplifies the sensuality of this aquatic fragrance, while combining with amber to create pure addiction.


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