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The Hydra Beauty Flash treatment

The Hydra Beauty Flash treatment
The Hydra Beauty Flash treatment

Hydra Beauty Flash, your hydration treatment by Chanel

Our skin is made up of different layers that should be protected from multiple external aggressions such as wind, cold or dry air, the sun, pollution, heating… These are all factors that contribute to altering it. Also, nothing is more effective for this than keeping skin hydrated on a daily basis. This prevents the loss of radiance but also the uncomfortable, irritable and rough feeling of the skin. Also, Chanel has used its expertise and unparalleled know-how in terms of cosmetology to develop an optimal moisturizer: the instant perfecting hydrating balm Hydra Beauty Flash.

The benefits of the Hydra Beauty Flash by Chanel

The whole range of Hydra Beauty treatments aims to perfect the complexion and hydrate the skin. Also, the Hydra Beauty FLASH has added to this the intense rhythm of life of women today. This is why it delivers its benefits in record time. In a flash, the skin appears more unified, radiant and comforted. Hydra Beauty Flash is a product particularly suitable for intense periods of stress or fatigue. Likewise, it is ideal for the change of seasons. It acts directly on tired, lacking radiance or dry skin. Likewise, it allows you to feel an instant feeling of intense comfort. With it, the complexion is illuminated with a simple snap of the fingers, fine lines are smoothed and pores are reduced.

The assets contained in Hydra Beauty Flash

Hydra Beauty Flash is a highly effective product that combines the action of multiple ingredients. Camellia Alba PFA resulting from a process specific to Chanel and emblematic of the Hydra Beauty line, ensures optimal hydration of the skin and helps to replenish and maintain the water content in the heart of the cells. Blue Ginger PFA, on the other hand, is a powerful antioxidant that protects the epidermis from free radicals and strengthens its self-defense system. Likewise, vitamins C and F help revive the radiance of the face while shea and moringa butters act directly on hydration. Finally, to further reduce irregularities on the skin and face, ultralight Soft Focus powders have been added to the set.

The application of Hydra Beauty Flash

Hydra Beauty Flash is a dermatologically tested product suitable for all skin types. It is applied morning and evening, according to your needs and your habits as well as according to your feelings. It is to be spread on clean, dry skin and can perfectly complement the application of Hydra Beauty Micro Serum. It provides an immediate sensation of comfort thanks to its generous texture that delicately melts into the face. What is more, this treatment is specially designed to quickly penetrate the heart of the epidermis, without leaving behind a greasy film.


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