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The Evening Water or the trip to Andalusia from the Sisley house

Evening Water The Perfume
Evening Water The Perfume

For Isabelle d’Ornano, creator of Eau du Soir , “the inspiration for a new fragrance emanates from a desire, a thought, a place that she would have crossed, loved”.

It seems that this way of creating a fragrance works wonderfully. There are indeed perfumes that are said to be refined, elegant and above all timeless. His best seller of the brand is one of them and the love story between Eau du Soir and its audience has been going on for fifteen years now. Since that date, tradition has it that Sisley has reissued its famous fragrance every year. Its composition remains unchanged and the seduction continues to operate wonderfully.

Sisley’s iconic fragrance

Eau du Soir belongs to the “chypre-floral” family and its olfactory pyramid is so precise that even the smallest element can be easily detected. It is a timeless fragrance that escapes fashions. It is perfect for women looking for a subtle, very elaborate and refined fragrance. This Evening Water lends itself to all circumstances and is known for its excellent hold. It comes from the imagination of Jeannine Mongin, Hubert d’Ornano and Isabelle d’Ornano. This chypre fragrance is very pronounced and asserts its character. It is unique and recognizable among all. Its top notes are juicy and sparkling. It includes tangerine and grapefruit juice. Then, its heart offers a harmony of flavors and mixes accords of carnation, iris, jasmine. These ingredients give it a very floral and powdery side. Finally, its wake revolves around musk and amber. It leaves a very powerful, woody and almost animal touch.

Eau du Soir is an elegant and sought-after fragrance that takes us on a journey. It takes us to the heart of Andalusia and immerses us in the special and cosmopolitan atmosphere of southern Spain. We then enter Alcatraz Castle. From this impressive building escape succulent scents of spices mixed with the delicate scent of flowers.

Eau du Soir and its famous sculpture bottle

The Eau du Soir bottle was entirely made by sculptor Bronislaw Krzysztof. It is then impossible not to notice its cabochon entirely made of matte 18-carat gold. The latter has also become a true emblem of the Sisley house . It is a real sculpture that sits on the bottle. More precisely, it is the representation of the face of a woman. The latter is a bit like a star whose smile, eyes and hair are in fusion with the world and the elements. This woman is both mysterious and radiant. She is at the center of the universe, blooming and serene… She is a woman who imposes and commands admiration. Both gentle and delicate, she is also a woman of power; who knows, maybe the queen of Alcatraz castle?

So, you too, let yourself be seduced by the sunny and intoxicating scent of Eau du Soir. Be conquered and soak up its power. The air of travel suddenly blows in the air and if a single word were to come to mind, it would probably be “freedom”.


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