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The elegance and sensuality of the Night of Man

The elegance and sensuality of the Night of Man
The elegance and sensuality of the Night of Man

La Nuit de l’Homme is a fragrance that saw the light of day barely three years after Yves Saint Laurent‘s L’Homme. Of course, the similarities between the two essences are no longer a mystery despite the few changes noted in its smell. La Nuit de L’Homme is a perfume that fits perfectly with the representation we have of the great house of Yves Saint Laurent. It portrays the image of an elegant man but no less sulphurous and this essence already promises to make your evenings as hot as it gets.

The intense fragrance of Yves Saint Laurent

La Nuit de l’Homme perfume corresponds to a man who could not be more sensual. His charisma is increased tenfold and his charm becomes so irresistible. This time, although retaining its natural elegance, Yves Saint Laurent decided to tackle the dark side.contained in each man, thus releasing all his daring. Man listens to his desires and this strengthens his animal side. Also, this fragrance is a fresh oriental that likes to play on contrasts. The freshness of citrus fruits opposes the heat of the spices. We then find the sparkling lemon in the top notes, accompanied by bergamot. At the same time, black pepper is mixed with a zest of cardamom. All the virility of the essence, for its part, draws its strength from vetiver and cedar. In addition, lavender makes an appearance and warms up in the tonka bean. The Night of Man is not lacking in character. He does not take half measures and becomes particularly sexy.

The Night of Man, strength and charisma above all

This fragrance is contained in a bottle that scrupulously respects the graphic codes of the brand. The latter gives off an impression of strength. Its hexagonal shape is impressive and is nothing compared to the impressive stature of its cabochon. The latter takes the shape of a bolt and would become almost disproportionate. In addition, its black lacquering highlights its dark side as well as its elegance and sobriety. And then, after all, isn’t that the color of night par excellence? Finally, however, this case affirms all its refinement through its very pure lines and all its elegance is characterized by a hypnotic gradient made directly from the glass with very precise know-how.

On the muse side, it is now Vinnie Woolston’s turn to succeed the handsome Vincent Cassel and his fiery gaze. His name may mean nothing to you and yet he is far from being a stranger. We have seen him in many big poster campaigns and you have probably already seen his hypnotic gaze and his tattooed body. Also, this man perfectly embodies the freedom referred to in this fragrance. What is more, he seems to have all the assets necessary to please the vast majority of the fairer sex.

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