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The different Dior nail polishes

Passionate about flowers since his earliest childhood, Christian Dior has always possessed a strong dose of romanticism in him. It is therefore quite naturally that he decided, when he was an adult, to sublimate women, whom he also considers to be “the second most wonderful creature just after flowers”. For this, Christian Dior has developed a vast universe of creations. Its know-how is available in the world of fashion, perfumery, cosmetics and make-up. Among the attributes of elegance intended for women and made by Dior, nail polishes also occupy a prominent place.

The Dior Nail Glow

The Dior Nail Glow
The Dior Nail Glow

Dior Nail Glow, a shimmering nail polish

Dior Nail Glow is not really a product like any other. In reality, it is a semi-transparent, slightly pinkish varnish, ideal for perfecting your French Manicure. You will understand, it is not intensely loaded with colored pigments, like a classic varnish. It is rather transparent and focuses above all on radiance and shine. At the same time, he also takes care of your manicure.

The care formula of Dior Nail Glow

Dior Nail Glow has the property of reviving the natural colors of the nail. Its formula whitens the edge of your nails while the rest of its surface radiates a subtle pink color. In just one step, your nails are brighter and more beautiful. What’s more, the Dior Nail Glow acts as a real shield. It protects your nails from external aggressions day after day.

The Vernis Dior

The Vernis Dior
The Vernis Dior

The intense color of Vernis Dior

This time, let’s leave the transparency for a much more colorful and powerful rendering. The Dior Vernis is available in a wide color palette. It is more exactly inspired by the pantonier of the Dior couture collections. Thus, it reappropriates all the iconic shades of the brand, offering saturated pulsations sticking to the latest trends, or more basic and timeless shades.

The gel effect of Vernis Dior

At the same time, Vernis Dior has an extraordinary shine. Similar to a gel coat, it contains a resin that leaves a smooth film on your fingertips that is as shiny as glass. With him, everything is a question of purity. What’s more, Vernis Dior is also enriched with organic silicon, an agent that strengthens the nail surface and optimizes the hold of your nail polish.

Diorlisse by Dior

Diorlisse by Dior
Diorlisse by Dior

Diorlisse de Dior, a care varnish

The Diorlisse Dior is a nourishing treatment that whitens and strengthens your nails. Its color comes in two different shades, pink or apricot. Diorlisse by Dior conceals all the little flaws that are on the surface of your nails. It smooths all the streaks and improves the beauty and health of your nails in the long term. Thanks to it, the surface of your nails looks perfectly flat.

Diorlisse by Dior: two ways to apply it

Note that Diorlisse by Dior can be used in two different ways. It can be applied alone, directly to the bare nail. In this case, it protects your nail and gives it a slight shine, while preserving its natural appearance. On the other hand, for more eccentricity, it can be applied as a base, under your varnish.

The Dior house reinvents trends year after year. Thus, the brand’s varnishes are invited to its biggest fashion shows and outline the directions of tomorrow in terms of beauty. They are a perfect blend of pleasure and performance. Loaded with the latest scientific advances, they deposit color on your fingertips while taking care of the health of your nails over the long term. With such attributes, you would be wrong to deprive yourself of this little pleasure!


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