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Spicebomb, the fragrance 2016: Black Silver

Spicebomb Black Silver
Spicebomb Black Silver

Viktor & Rolf’s iconic Spicebomb returns in a 2016 Limited Edition

As every year, on the occasion of the start of the school year, many brands are developing limited editions of their cult perfumes. In most cases, the juice remains unchanged but the bottle gets a makeover. In addition, these innovatively packaged juices appear to be the perfect Christmas gifts for perfume lovers. So, while Guerlain is offering itself a new Shalimar, Calvin Klein is giving the iconic Eternity a makeover. Also, Viktor & Rolf has not escaped the trend and will soon offer us its new 2016 limited edition of the essential Spicebomb .

The incarnation of man Viktor & Rolf

Spicebomb appeared in 2012, just after its female counterpart, Flowerbomb. Viktor & Rolf said on the occasion of its release: “After creating the most explosive feminine fragrance ever, Flowerbomb, we men felt a touch of jealousy: why weren’t we entitled to our own bomb? ? This is how Spicebomb was born. This juice is the embodiment of virility in all that it has of more excessive and more sensual. Spicebomb offers us the scent of a man with an explosive personality rich in contrasts. It is a mysterious fragrance, elusive and free from convention. Particularly energizing, Spicebomb is both seductive and charismatic. Nevertheless, its intensity is played with subtlety and the whole is carried by a resolutely singular olfactory writing. Certainly, Spicebomb is a concentrate of know-how, addiction, paroxysms and desire. As such, he quickly won over men and is today considered to be one of the greatest successes ofthe Viktor & Rolf house .

The new Spicebomb Limited Edition 2016

The new Spicebomb Limited Edition 2016
The new Spicebomb Limited Edition 2016

In itself, Spicebomb Limited Edition of 2016 does not present any significant particularity in terms of odors. It still contains the contrasting scent developed by Olivier Polge in 2012. This one born from the incendiary meeting of two accords. The first is based on a heart of incandescent spices. It combines chilli and saffron while associating them with the masculine sensuality of leather and tobacco. Thus, Spicebomb turns out to be a very manly juice. The second accord, meanwhile, lets out numerous zesty notes of bergamot and grapefruit. On the other hand, the design of the Spicebomb bottle has been revisited. Of course, it retains its pomegranate shape. This appears to be a resolutely chic and sophisticated weapon, diverted with a more luxurious and arty touch. This time it is entirely covered with a glossy black lacquer as well as stars and gray stains very street art. The whole remains nevertheless very refined, endowed with multiple chiseled and regular facets. All you have to do then is simply prime the pin to release the fragrance. Thus, Spicebomb Limited Edition 2016 is both playful, elegant and always very explosive.


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