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Patchouli for Men: The legendary fragrance Reminiscent for men

Patchouli for Men: The legendary fragrance Reminiscent for men
Patchouli for Men: The legendary fragrance Reminiscent for men

After scenting the world in 1970 with Patchouli, the Réminiscence house set out to conquer men in 2000 with a male version composed solely for their purpose: Patchouli for Men. The beautiful woodsiness is transformed for the occasion into a virile scent at will by distilling some exotic spices and aromatics from there … A sensual delight offered after so many years of waiting is finally offered to these gentlemen.

Patchouli for Men: men finally have THEIR Patchouli!

The “soul” of the Réminiscence perfume house is of course the magnificent Patchouli which, in the hippie years, made the fame of this couple of jewelry designers from Juan-les Pins. Years later, Patchouli de Réminiscence remains the absolute reference for all patchouli fragrances, both its flavor and its scent being resistant to time and fashions. “If Patchouli is the witness of an era , it is because it endures like rare things. »Reminiscence reminds us.

In order to continue to make the aura of Patchouli shine through the decades, why not offer it to a new audience? Men of course! These men who particularly love the warm sensuality of patchouli through perfumes that are also mythical but who, sometimes, have lost the real smell of this wood, which is both rare and very vegetal.

By offering Patchouli pour Homme to these gentlemen, Réminiscence revives the strength of its first success while absolutely not hesitating to modernize the perfume of the 70s by bringing it a new virility as well as some freshness. A sign that times are changing, Patchouli pour Homme will be sold in a visual that will bring together the Patchouli couple, now united in an amber and fantastic universe.

Spices and aromatics reserved for Patchouli pour Homme

If the originality of this Patchouli for Men is to come out 30 years after the female version, the bottle has remained very faithful to the original from 1970. Basically, the primary sobriety of the Patchouli bottle is as universal as it is timeless. ! Thus Patchouli pour Homme will be offered in a tilted and rectangular glass, quite similar to its famous and venerable elder Patchouli.

Patchouli pour Homme opens with a refreshing citrus cocktail composed of essential oil of lime from Mexico and tangerine from Italy. Then the guest of honor of this beautiful bottle, patchouli from Java, pierces the heart which melts with it into a precious cedar from Virginia. Geranium will bring its vegetal tone to these deep woods. The tonka bean absolute from Venezuela will merge with the animality of labdanum to create with tolu balm and benzoin an intense and sensual trail to the mysterious man of this Patchouli for Men.

“Patchouli Homme evokes travel and rare sensations, and embodies a strong, charismatic and contemporary character. It exudes both the magic of the distance and absolute privacy. »Reminiscent of Patchouli pour Homme.


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