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Paris perfume by Yves Saint Laurent

Paris perfume by Yves Saint Laurent

When YSL designs Paris in perfume

City of lights, glamor and elegance, Paris is THE city of Yves Saint-Laurent, a perfume to his glory therefore seems so legitimate. In 1983, Paris was YSL’s fragrant homage to his favorite city but also to his favorite women, those he has been dressing for years, those who exude rose and sensuality. Paris will therefore be one of its iconic floral scents of the 80s while diffusing a romantic and glamorous wave of a city of all possibilities.

Yves Saint-Laurent and Paris, a fragrant declaration of love …

Born in Oran, Yves Saint-Laurent tries his luck when he arrives at 18 in Paris. The City of Light will bring him luck and will open the doors to the most prestigious sewing workshops such as Dior. In 1961, still in Paris, Yves Saint-Laurent left Dior to create his own label, it was an immediate success.

So in 1983, YSL wanted to pay homage to this city which it made famous by composing a perfume in its image and its name: Paris. More than a tribute, it is a declaration of love that Yves Saint-Laurent makes for the capital and its women by offering them this Paris colored with delicate roses and elegant sensualities.

“Maybe you were just a pretext to make my dream come true: to offer a perfume to Paris. Prestigious Paris that dazzles. Your flames and crackles of fireworks make the world sparkle. For this new perfume, it is your name that I chose because there is none more beautiful. Because I love you. My Paris. »1 Yves-Saint-Laurent for Paris.

Naturally this pretty Paris is going to highlight the most beautiful of its symbols but also the most beautiful of its women. The visuals of Paris follow one another and the softest and most aesthetic images are revealed. However, Jean-Paul Goude’s advertising campaign produced for Paris by Yves Saint-Laurent in 1998 will certainly be the most striking image of all. The Eiffel Tower becomes the heroine of an extraordinary kiss between a woman perched at the end of the tower and a man hanging from a helicopter, a formidable story that can only be experienced in Paris, with Paris …

Romantic flower breeze for a chic Paris signed YSL

The Paris bottle is shiny and faceted in order to reflect the prettiest lights of what we nickname the City of Light, Paris of course! As for the original cabochon made of black and pink, it reminds us that the city is also one of all modernities and all elegance.

Paris is one of the very first successes of the young perfumer of the time: Sophia Grojsman. It opens with fresh and invigorating notes of bergamot and geranium accompanied by floral floral delicacies of hawthorn and hyacinth. The heart opens wide on a bouquet of flowery opulence beautifully distilling notes of lily of the valley, mimosa, violet and rose of course. Some heliotropes will make the link between these floral beauties and the deep sensualities of sandalwood, amber and cedarwood. An intensely elegant trail that will be powdered with a few precious irises.


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