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Our position regarding BAD perfume

Our position regarding BAD perfume
Our position regarding BAD perfume

Bad by Diesel, when luxury and daring come together

Diesel is a great creative house known for the quality of its works but also for its impertinence. In fact, each of the brand’s advertising campaigns, or almost, creates a stir among consumers. We especially remember his particularly sexy angels or his centenarians who feed on their urine to stay young. Likewise, Diesel didn’t hesitate to hijack images from 80s porn movies to celebrate his 30th birthday. Suffice to say that Bad appears to be a much wiser perfume than what Diesel had accustomed us to. However, it does not lack impertinence. In reality, it is a very harmonious and skillfully orchestrated composition.

Diesel’s charismatic manhood

Bad perfumeis a 100% male juice that dares to assert itself and is not afraid to reveal its virility. Thus, it sticks perfectly to the image we have of the Diesel house. Bad is the very embodiment of a freedom-loving adventurer. As Diesel explains, “Bad evokes awakening virility and a certain mystery borrowing from eroticism. His advertising campaign is also very clear on this subject. Bad is played by the handsome American model Boyd Holbrook. This one is entirely dressed in leather and rides a big engine. He poses in a campaign made in black and white and turns his gaze towards the horizon. He is both nonchalant but no less sensual. In other words, he gives here the image of a bad boy ready to capsize the hearts of women. However, it is not all just a concentrate of testosterone.

The elegance of Bad

On the scent side, Bad is the fruit of the work of two renowned perfumers. It was designed by Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaïm. The latter are particularly renowned and Anne Flipo was even crowned perfumer of the year in 2014. Also, all their talent is found at the very heart of this composition. Moreover, Diesel has pushed the refinement to its paroxysm by integrating caviar into its composition. This ingredient leaves a salted fillet on the whole which does not fail to surprise. Likewise, the aestheticism of the Bad bottle is also very elaborate. Its glass surface imitates the effect of leather using a technique specially developed by the prestigious Pochet du Courval house. Undoubtedly, Diesel did not skimp on the means and this is felt everywhere through this highly masculine juice.


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