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New Supra Volume mascara set Clarins

New Supra Volume mascara set Clarins
New Supra Volume mascara set Clarins

Enhance your femininity with the Clarins Supra Volume Mascara Set

To highlight their natural beauty and give their face more femininity, women use a whole bunch of different makeup products on a daily basis. However, if there were to be only two stars in the beauty department, it would definitely be mascara and lipstick. These iconic beauty products are among the best-selling products on the planet. Today, Clarins has therefore decided to bring them together in a single packaging. The Clarins Supra Volume Mascara Set contains the brand’s two best-sellers, namely the Supra Volume Mascara accompanied by the Joli Rouge Velvet.

Supra Volume Mascara, the secret of a breathtaking look

Let’s start first with the mascara contained inside this box. Supra Volume Mascarais a staple of the Clarins brand. Presented in a small golden tube, it is renowned for the exceptional volume it gives to your eyes. If it is usually available in two colors, in the Supra Volume Mascara Box, it is its black version that has been chosen. Supra Volume Mascara deposits its color rich in pigments on your eyes and amplifies the depth of the latter. What is more, its formula is also rich in many care actives. As a result, your eyelashes are getting stronger day by day and this is noticeable even naturally. Supra Volume Mascara displays remarkable tenacity and does not fade over time. It makes your eyes flawless from early morning until evening. Here, the Supra Volume Mascara is presented in an 8 ml format.

Le Joli Rouge Velvet, for a dazzling smile

The Clarins Supra Volume Mascara Set also contains Joli Rouge Velvet, a true icon of the brand. In the box, this is its miniature version. The Joli Rouge Velvetthen fits easily in any handbag and becomes your best companion to highlight your smile. Its matte formula is infinitely trendy. Very popular with women, it gives a more sophisticated effect to your makeup. While the Joli Rouge Velvet exists in many colors, Clarins has decided to present it to us in its most emblematic color: red. Joli Rouge Velvet from Clarins is also enriched with many active ingredients. Very moisturizing, it limits feelings of discomfort and tightness during the day, as well as unsightly chapping. Joli Rouge Velvet by Clarins makes your lips smoother and fuller every day. If these effects are aesthetically very appreciable, they also facilitate the application of your makeup,

These two products are presented here in a white and red box, the two emblematic colors of Clarins. They are a concentrate of glamor to give or buy for your own pleasure.


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