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New fragrance Aimez-moi by Caron

New fragrance Aimez-moi by Caron
New fragrance Aimez-moi by Caron

Aimez-moi by Caron, a message of love in a sumptuous fragrance

The Caron house has a history of more than a hundred years in the world of perfumes . Today it is one of the most beautiful brands in our olfactory heritage. Founded in 1904 thanks to Ernest Daltroff, the Caron house spreads French know-how around the world through always romantic and extremely careful creations. Today, it highlights its heritage and offers us a wide range of exceptional perfumes speaking of love, tradition and authenticity. Designed using noble raw materials, they showcase all of Caron’s know-how, as can be seen in the Aimez-Moi perfume in particular.

Caron gives us an olfactory declaration of love

Through the Aimez-Moi perfume, the Maison Caron gives us a kind of very personal wish: its desire to be appreciated by the public for many decades to come. Aimez-Moi is a call to emotion, a return to authenticity. This spontaneous message sounds like a rejection of anything superficial. Aimez-Moi is a perfume bursting with optimism inspired by a sparkling woman. With him, happiness is experienced every day. Aimez-Moi by Caron is an intense, radiant and dynamic composition. It is aimed at all the fulfilled women of today. What is more, by talking to us about love, the Maison Caron has chosen a timeless and universal message. Moreover, this is not the first time that Caron has distinguished himself in this register. Indeed, one of his very first perfumes, created in 1916, already bore the name of “Love only Me”. It was then a tribute to women left alone, after the departure of their husbands soldiers. Today, even though times have changed, this message of love remains. It is simply aimed at a new generation of women.

Aimez-moi, a scent of romanticism

Love Me by Caronclearly plays in the register of sensuality and romanticism. Not lacking in ardor, it sets off on a vegetal and spicy association of violet leaves and star anise. This fresh and somewhat impertinent accord is then relayed by an equally sparkling but more velvety liveliness. Peach mingles with mint and sets the stage for a more floral heart. It is at this moment that the femininity of Aimez-Moi perfume takes on its full meaning. Its wake becomes more poetic on contact with jasmine and magnolia. The iris, one of the noblest flowers in perfumery, gives it a more powdery elegance. This is also amplified on contact with the heliotrope. Finally, Aimez-Moi gains in softness and is enveloped in a syrupy vanilla, warm amber, deep woods and sensual musk. Everything is delivered to us in a bottle in the shape of a half sphere. All in transparency, it demonstrates timelessness and flawless elegance. His name is then inscribed just below his collar, discreetly.


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