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Maximum Hydrator by Clinique for Men

Maximum Hydrator by Clinique for Men
Maximum Hydrator by Clinique for Men

The moisturizing gel designed especially for men

Clinique is a brand specializing in the beauty of the skin. It has been ensuring the radiance and youthfulness of our skin for over 40 years. Its expertise in cosmetics and make-up is absolutely unparalleled. All Clinique beauty products are designed for the most sensitive skin types. Dermatologically tested, they began by sublimating female skin before focusing on typically male issues .

Today, it is moreover precisely to men that the brand is aimed at. She has just made a brand new moisturizing gel called Maximum Hydrator.

Why do men need to hydrate their skin?

Men’s skin is not made exactly the same as women’s. Thus, the latter have specific needs. In this case, men tend to have thicker skin. Likewise, it is attacked daily during shaving. This can cause irritation and tends to weaken and the protective film of the skin. As a result, when the hydrolipidic film is altered, the epidermis is less able to preserve its level of hydration.

However, when the skin is dry, it becomes duller and shows signs of skin aging. Hydration is therefore essential to slow the appearance of visible signs of aging and to maintain the elasticity, suppleness and radiance of the skin. Likewise, good hydration limits the appearance of small pimples following the passage of the razor. What is more, it also avoids feeling sensations of tightness.

The benefits of Clinique’s new Maximum Hydrator

The Concentrated Maximum Hydrator gel is a very hydrating product. This penetrates into the heart of the epidermis and aims to restore radiance, hydration and freshness to your face. Its formula contains no oil and leaves no oily or sticky feeling on the skin. The composition of the Maximum Hydrator gel locks the moisture in the heart of your cells and thus strengthens the natural barrier on the surface of your skin. This makes it more waterproof. Its bluish color turns into a liquid on contact with your skin.

This treatment is refreshing and immediately soothes skin suffering from dehydration. Likewise, antioxidants are encapsulated in this product. Note also that its bottle is perfectly airtight. Thus, the products contained in this gel retain all their effectiveness until the time of use. Maximum Hydrator gel is designed for daily use. It helps reduce skin dryness, limits skin aging and acts as an antioxidant.

Dermatological tests have shown that it increases the moisture level of the skin by 179% from the first application. Finally, it provides protection for the epidermis for 24 consecutive hours.


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