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La Panthère de Cartier, the absolute icon of the brand in a unique fragrance

La Panthère de Cartier, the absolute icon of the brand in a unique fragrance
La Panthère de Cartier, the absolute icon of the brand in a unique fragrance

The Cartier house is known to be one of the most illustrious Parisian jewelry stores. Nevertheless, decade after decade, she has chosen to extend her know-how to a whole other world: that of perfumes. It should be noted, however, that Cartier takes care to preserve a certain continuity between its two activities. Thus, her sources of inspiration are sometimes identical to design her jewelry and her feminine essences. As proof, La Panthère is a feline that has served Cartier’s creativity on numerous occasions. Once again, in 2020, the brand is reiterating its scent. From jewelry to fragrances, La Panthère has fascinated us for several decades now. So, is this new juice up to its predecessors?

The Panther, a noble and rebellious feline

It is customary to say, in the savannah, that the lion is the king of animals. However, the panther has absolutely nothing to envy to its strength and nobility. This other feline is the very embodiment of power added to elegance. This is why Cartier has always liked to associate it with femininity. The Parisian brand has naturally made it its emblem. Since the Roaring Twenties, La Panthère has reinvented itself many times, embodying with passion all the beauty of feline and seductive women. In 1987, Cartier gave birth to a first juice called La Panthère, cultivating the pomp and opulence of its time. Then, in 2014, Cartier decided to modernize it to make a floral, oriental and woody juice. Once again, La Panthère is therefore back in the spotlight, in a more intense and vibrant fragrance for women.

La Panthère, a new fragrance by Mathilde Laurent

The 2020 Panthère de Cartier owes its existence to perfumer Mathilde Laurent, who had already developed her 2014 edition. Here, everything revolves around the gardenia, a noble and generous flower. This warms up on contact with the more apricot notes of osmanthus. A voluptuous and generous ingredient, it warms this fragrance before making it evolve towards a more animal and carnal base. Musk and chypre are not innocent to this impression. They combine to give more depth to this composition. Finally, La Panthère becomes as warm and enveloping as the fur of a panther.

The Cartier bottle sculpted like a precious stone

Finally, as if to highlight all of Cartier’s know-how in glassmaking, La Panthère comes in a beautiful bottle. This one is carved like a real gem. Its glass draws multiple bevelled edges forming a sculpture of a panther’s head. With its angular and strong jaw, La Panthère immediately symbolizes the omnipotence of this animal. Its golden cap, meanwhile, gives it more luminosity while affirming its refinement. On it, the Cartier house inscribes its name. The only real difference with the visual of its predecessors: the juice of La Panthère becomes more amber than before, as if to symbolize its new intensity.


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