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Zdravetz Eau de Parfum

Zdravetz Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Bruno Fazzolari. The notes of this fragrance are Grapefruit, bergamot, galbanum, rose, passionfruit, cedar, leather, vanilla, zdravetz herb.


Woody, spicy, and herbaceous, the zdravetz herb which grows wild in Bulgaria has a reputation as a potent medicine- the word itself literally means “health” in Bulgarian. So we’re not quite revealing a big secret to let you know that Zdravetz is an invigorating delight, a collection of juicy fruits, zesty citrus, lush florals, and fresh herbs that combine to inspire a delightful, indelible vitality. Grapefruit fizzes and pops, bright green galbanum hums with natural energy, and mouthwatering passionfruit combines with lush rose to seduce and enchant. Ultimately, the titular zdravetz weaves it all together in wild, woodsy, aromatic harmony. Wholly unique but wonderfully easy to wear, Zdravetz is a fresh-scent lover’s dream.

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