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Woody Perfecto Eau de Parfum

Woody Perfecto Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Parle Moi de Parfum. The notes of this fragrance are Coffee, vetiver, leather

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Woody Perfecto is a seemingly simple mix of coffee, vetiver, and leather, but there is something so nailed about this fragrance that it’s hard to keep a grin off our face. Coffee is a difficult note to pull off; in Woody Perfecto, you get a perfectly dark, roasted bean with no off notes or milkiness to distract from the main event. Just damn fine coffee, as Agent Cooper would say.
With a smoky vetiver and a touch of black, worn leather, we have no difficulty grasping the vision of the scent’s creators here when they talk about living in the shoes of a rock star. Wearing this, we are suddenly drinking black coffee, watching the roadies rigging the sound equipment, breathing in the smell of warm, trampled grass, cigarette smoke, and the warm bodies of excited fans pressing close. Dark and straightforwardly masculine, this is what you wear when anticipation is a shape in the air.

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