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Wonder Of You Eau de Parfum

Wonder Of You Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by ALTAIA. The notes of this fragrance are Blackcurrant, pink grapefruit, freesia, watermelon, ambrox, musk


We all love gigantic, luxuriously romantic scents- the kind that evoke the feeling of love at first sight. But Wonder Of You, the newest from Altaia, evokes a more subtle, but no less powerful kind of love- the joy of everyday love, a celebration of all the special moments and beautiful details that sustain a lifelong romance. It’s a sparkling, soothing cocktail of citrus and florals that will have you basking in the glow of love from morning to night.
From the first spritz, Wonder Of You is a pure and refreshing delight, opening with a mouthwatering blend of tart grapefruit and crisp blackcurrant that could put a smile on even the most weary face. A lovely heart of delicate freesia and juicy watermelon increases the lushness without an ounce of heaviness, and a smooth, clean musk drydown exudes gentle sensuality and understated sophistication. Is there a secret formula to a happy life with the one you love? We’re obviously not qualified to answer that. But what Wonder Of You, in all of its understated beauty, suggests is that maybe it’s as simple as taking pleasure in sharing the small and subtle joys of life. Who could argue with that?

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