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Vitrum Extrait de Parfum

Vitrum Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance by Sammarco. The notes of this fragrance are Vetiver, rose, black pepper, incense, bergamot, oakmoss


Vitrum is a simple but striking fragrance that showcases vetiver, its main star, in all its complex facets. This is a dramatically dark, top-quality vetiver that is gorgeously smoky, and laced with peaty, woody, mossy, earthy, and even salty fresh accents underneath. Cool, meditative incense is intertwined within, while touches of black pepper, crisp bergamot, and delicate, soft pink roses dance in the background. The notes shimmer around you, radiating different nuances in a way that lends an air of mystery and excitement to its star note. The result is an airy but strong and multi-faceted take on vetiver that is incredibly refined, smooth, and easy to wear. If you’re a fan of the vetiver in Chanel’s famous Sycomore, then Vitrum may steal your heart.

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