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Vanilla Shot Eau de Parfum

Vanilla Shot Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Olfactive Studio. The notes of this fragrance are Coriander, saffron, aldehydes, rose, dried fruits, opoponax, vanilla, caramel, myrrh, benzoin


The first of the Sepia Collection, a bold trio of Parfum Extraits from legendary perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour, Vanilla Shot is an extraordinary scent. Inspired by a photograph of a breathtaking Land Art sculpture from Martin Hill- an arch made of dry reeds suspended weightlessly above New Zealand’s Wanaka Lake- Duchaufour delivers an equally gravity-defying fragrance that contrasts the deep, indulgent richness of pure vanilla with intensely fresh elements for a luminously oriental experience.
Our expectations for a vanilla scent are disposed of almost instantly, as Vanilla Shot opens with a stimulating jolt of electric spice- coriander and saffron, supplemented with an ultra-clean aldehyde sparkle. But as with Hill’s photograph, balance is paramount, and before our fragrance gets carried into the clouds a rich heart of dried fruit, warm opoponax, and fresh rose tethers us again to the land, hinting of depth yet to come. Against this deeply sensual contrast, we encounter a rich base of complex, creamy vanilla and sweet, warm resins, soothing and seducing even while the fresh elements continue to reach skyward, achieving a wondrous, poetic geometry that lingers for hours. A new high water mark for Olfactive Studios, Vanilla Shot is a unique, compelling accomplishment a world away from your typical vanilla fragrance.

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