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This Is Not A Blue Bottle Eau de Parfum

This Is Not A Blue Bottle Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Histoires de Parfums. The notes of this fragrance are Aldehydes, orange zest, honey, geranium, musk, patchouli, amber


Histoires de Parfums has enchanted us for years with evocative scent stories meticulously set in carerfully chosen times and places. But for This Is Not A Blue Bottle, Gerald Ghislain felt compelled to move in the opposite direction and deliver a scent divorced from the usual trappings, a dadaist canvas both teeming with energy but also presented as a blank slate, where the interaction between the scent and the nose that experiences it is a full collaboration, free of preconceived conceptual bias. The resulting fragrance is intentionally hard to pin down, a vibrant yet layered unisex spicy floral with intense metallic aldehydes, sweet honey, and luminously warm ambered patchouli. The flacon itself is a object of beauty, the familiar yet striking angled Histoires de Parfums bottle redone in eye-popping matte blue, entirely opaque, inviting the wearer to invent his or her own story as soon as the perfume touches their skin- and not a moment before.

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