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Symphonie Passion Parfum Extrait

Symphonie Passion Parfum Extrait is a fragrance by UNUM. The notes of this fragrance are Peony, lemon, cashmeran, vetiver, sandalwood, musk, cedar


Vibrant, swirling and ecstatic, Symphonie Passion is a fresh, brightly woodsy masterpiece that sings with joyful uplift. Fusing cheerful peony and bright lemon, the opening seizes our attention as would the gentle yet powerful first movement of Vivaldi’s La Primavera, sweeping us up into the interplay of light and power, joy and creativity. A sophisticated vetiver note, both earthy and lightly sweet, interacts with the rapturous smoothness of cashmeran and sandalwood, rich and majestically potent. Crisp cedar adds a spiky tonality, while a complex base of musks comforts and challenges in equal measure. As with any orchestral work, Symphonie Passion’s true alchemy lies in the fusion of these wondrous ingredients, harmonizing together into a work both energizing and soothing, thoughtful and passionate, novel and familiar. In short, a work of art from a house that never seems to deliver anything less.

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