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Sublime Balkiss Eau de Parfum

Sublime Balkiss Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by The Different Company. The notes of this fragrance are Bergamot, cassis, blackberries, rose, lily of the valley, violet leaf, lilac, patchouli fraction, patchouli essence, heather.


Balkiss was the name of the Queen of Sheba, the lover of King Solomon. But don’t expect a spice-laden oriental. And though Céline Ellena, who co-founded The Different Company along with her father Jean-Claude and legendary bottle designer Thierry de Baschmakoff, touts Sublime Balkiss as a chypre, don’t expect a classic chypre either.
The canonic bergamot-labdanum-oakmoss trilogy has been set aside and the scent retains only the structure of the chypre: mouthwatering bergamot, astringent cassis and blackberries stage the juicy, slightly raspy opening burst; damascene rose, lily of the valley and lilac provide the soft floral heart, with a lashing of green violet leaves and heather; two different types of patchouli grounding the composition. One is the traditional essence of patchouli; the other, more unusual one, is a fraction of patchouli essential oil, which brings out the cocoa facets of the heart notes (a chocolate-like effect similar in Serge Lutens’ Bornéo 1834).
With its berry top notes and patchouli base, Sublime Balkiss is sure to appeal to Angel fans ? if you’ve given up on Thierry Mugler’s classic because it was too popular, or too potent, you’ll find the familar accord played in the lighter hand of the trademark Ellena style.

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