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Saringkarn Extrait

Saringkarn Extrait is a fragrance by PRIN. The notes of this fragrance are Saffron, champaca, fir balsam, beeswax, amber, damask rose, rose de mai, tobacco, leather, dark chocolate, prune, oud, musk, oakmoss, ambrette, smoke, incense, ylang ylang


A taste of love and seduction. The value of love between lover, friend and family and humanity. A taste of happiness. Saringkarn, a tribute to the traditional and ancient Thai form of literary composition, is a tantalizing and unique scent somewhere between gourmand, floral, and oriental, where dark and sensual tones of oud, amber, leather, and tobacco gain an alluring, romantic sweetness from beeswax, dark chocolate, and a bouquet of exquisite roses. Sweet, boozy prune gives a cognac-like richness, while a darker smoke note preserves just the right amount of provocative danger. Like any true work of literary genius, it’s up to you how to interpret it all.

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