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Santal du Pacifique Eau de Parfum

Santal du Pacifique Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Perris Monte Carlo. The notes of this fragrance are Carrot, orchid, violet, gurjum balsam, Pacific sandalwood, dry woods, cashmere woods, musk


There’s a reason why sandalwood is among the most important and widely used materials in fragrance, with a versatility that allows perfumers to explore everything from creamy richness to sophisticated coolness. Featuring an extraordinary sandalwood from the South Pacific, where the species was discovered, Santal du Pacifique demonstrates the full range of this majestic material, woodsy, naturalistic, but also velvety and smooth, all in the service of a fragrance that manages to perfectly balance elegance with simplicity.
Every supplemental ingredient in Santal du Pacifique seems expertly chosen to enhance the titular material, from the earthy balance of the carrot and earthy floral opening, to the rich balsam and smooth musk of the later stages. Each reveals an extra facet of sandalwood, sometimes sexy and fashion-forward, often rich and comforting, always with a dignity that belies its luxury. For those who find that subtle, natural sandalwood fragrances don’t pack enough punch, but that edgy, complicated sandalwoods have wallpapered over their star ingredient’s natural brilliance, we say that Santal du Pacifique is the most exquisite compromise you could ever dream of.

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