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Salted Green Mango Eau de Parfum

Salted Green Mango Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Strangers Parfumerie. The notes of this fragrance are green mango, bitter orange, petitgrain, lime, bergamot, elemi, pineapple, pomelo, star gooseberry, magnolia, rosa damascena, green chili, sandalwood, guava leaf, vetiver, salt accord, seaweed


Salted Green Mango is utterly unique, and dare we say it, one of Strangers Parfumerie’s best. There are green fragrances, there are sour fragrances, there are dry fragrances – Salted Green Mango manages to be all of the above, but with an otherworldly, exotic flair that defies description. Ostensibly an ode to Bao mango, a green, tart mango native to the Southern part of Thailand, where perfumer Prin Lomros was born and raised, there is nothing really sweet or juicy about the fruit note here. Instead, the mango is a thing of rare, desiccated beauty – a dark green rind dipped in sea salt that sucks all the moisture out of your mouth only to think of it.
Why would this be refreshing or appetizing? We don’t know, but it just is. Salted Green Mango is a green fruit devoid of sweetness, moisture, or sparkle ? instead, it draws us into the shadows of a mineral vetiver and the pleasant bitterness of inedible fruit that is all rind and pith. Salted Green Mango is the crawlspace where we find the coolness and repose we crave in the hottest of weather.

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