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Sabbia Bianca Eau de Parfum

Sabbia Bianca Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Profumum. The notes of this fragrance are tuberose, violet, ylang ylang, tiare


Concentrated at a whopping 43% of pure perfume oil and playing host to some of the world’s most exquisite natural floral absolutes, Sabbia Bianca is the Rolls Royce of the Big White Floral genre. The composition is uncluttered, with only four listed notes. That’s because when you go to the trouble of sourcing the best and most expensive tuberose, ylang, and tiare, you want their beauty to be able to shine uninterrupted.
Sabbia Bianca is the perfect fantasy of a tropical island in a bottle, complete with sugar-white sand, crystalline azure waters, and gently-swaying palm trees. Immediately upon application, you are plunged into a pool of lush, inviting coconut milk, its surface dotted with waxy tiare petals. The buttery tuberose and gardenia are huge, and so heavily narcotic that you feel as if you’ve sipped on moonshine made from tropical flowers. Although Sabbia Bianca is almost obscenely rich, flickers of a woody freshness here and there hold the perfume back from excessive sweetness – perhaps the banana leaf nuance in the ylang or the greenness of the violet. That said, keep in mind that just one drop of this super concentrated elixir is enough to radiate heady tropical warmth all day long. Our take on Sabbia Bianca is this: sometimes you have to go all out to experience perfection in a genre. And for us, Sabbia Bianca is worth the investment.

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