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Ruh Eau de Parfum

Ruh Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Pekji. The notes of this fragrance are rose, coffee, cardamom, saffron, jasmine, oud, musk, amber, sandalwood


Ruh, meaning spirit in Sanskrit, is the collective scent of an air-conditioned souk in Turkey, where the delicious aromas of freshly-ground coffee, exotic spices, and incense mingle companionably with the scent of rose attars opened for passers-by. Ruh is exotic in an unfamiliar manner, rearranging traditionally-used notes like rose, coffee, and cardamom in a way that doesn’t make you think of every other souk-themed oriental out there. And that’s a rare feat.
Ruh is rich, but not sweet or heavy. Roast coffee and crushed green cardamom pods pump a fragrant, aromatic freshness through the scent’s cells, giving the Turkish rose a spiced wood character that men will love and find easy to wear. A blast of fiery saffron is a further nudge in the direction of masculine, wrapping the lush rose into folds of freshly-tanned leather. But the saffron is the real chameleon of Ruh; it softens in increments from inky iodine to the gently spiced milkiness of kulfi, turning the scent’s dial from dry to lush. Breathe in Ruh, close your eyes, and you will feel the soul of the souk all around you, redolent with rich black coffee, piles of red saffron and green cardamom, Turkish leather jackets, and tiny bottles of rose attars opened, sniffed, and dabbed. Yep, Ruh has soul. Luca Turin thought so too, awarding Ruh a 4 star rating in The Perfume Guide (2018).

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