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Rose de Petra Eau de Parfum

Rose de Petra Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Stephane Humbert Lucas 777. The notes of this fragrance are Rose oxide, pomegranate, litchi, Bulgarian rose, pepper, cardamom, cumin seeds.


Petra: capital of the Nabataeans, a wonder of ancient engineering, an ornately beautiful kingdom carved entirely into the side of the mountain thought to be the biblical Sinai itself. Words cannot hope to describe the majesty of the place known as the Rose City, but Stéphane Humbert Lucas chose a far more appropriate medium with Rose de Petra, a breathtaking floral that honors both halves of its namesake with a rose equal parts refreshingly natural and sumptuously mysterious.
We like to think of Rose de Petra as a journey down an ancient stone canyon, with wild roses in full bloom springing from every crack in the rock. What begins as a simple, beautiful journey opens itself to mystery and wonder- that clean, bright rose we smell is no single, simple note but rather an intense rose oxide given body and mouthwatering juiciness from pomegranate and litchi. As the heart of pure, natural Bulgarian rose expands, so too do the spices- cardamom, cumin and pepper, intense enough to invigorate but light enough to place this scent a world away from a typical rose chypre. Here, yet again, we see the necessity of Lucas’ uncompromising commitment to top quality ingredients, as Rose de Petra’s deceptively simple formula belies an astounding integrity we would not have thought possible from reading the notes alone. Like a fully irrigated city carved into a mountain in the middle of the desert, Rose de Petra is a masterpiece of construction that will knock you over with its beauty.
Presented in a genuine gold-lettered transparent bottle, adorned with a unique hand-milled gold honeycomb top and a small faceted peach-colored Swarovski crystal placed on the crown.

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