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Rose Atlantic Eau de Parfum

Rose Atlantic Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by D.S. and Durga. The notes of this fragrance are Bergamot, petals, lemon oil, linden, salt spray rose accord, dune grass, muscone, salt water, white moss


There’s nothing quite like summertime in the posh coastal hamlets of the Atlantic coast: a classic blend of relaxation, adventure, tradition, and luxury. Rose Atlantic imagines you on the deck of a sailboat, toasting to the good life as the salt water blends with a bouquet of salt spray roses to perfume the air with good cheer. Fresh citrus stands in for the vivid sunlight, while a wonderfully fruity and rich rose accord feels not only vibrant and arresting but, with the electrifying ozonic notes in harmony, also surprisingly unisex. As you navigate towards a postcard-perfect white lighthouse in the far distance, a cool white moss sends soothing vibes from the coastline. Timeless, casually elegant, and suitable for just about everyone, Rose Atlantic is the scent of the perfect oceanside summer afternoon.

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