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Rhinoceros Extrait de Parfum

Rhinoceros Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance by Zoologist. The notes of this fragrance are Rum, bergamot, lavender, elemi, sage, armoise, conifer needles, pinewood, tobacco, immortelle, geranium, agarwood, cedar, vetiver, sandalwood, amber, smoke, leather, musk


Across the savanna, in the dry heat of midday, aromas of parched grasses and campfire woods crackle in the arid air. A stir of something densely animalic causes nearby sandpipers to lift their heads in alarm. The rhino lowers his head, and smaller creatures scatter.
Rhinoceros is an animalic fougere that charges in headfirst with uncompromisingly butch notes of tannic leather and rum. But this rough beast hides a gentlemanly heart. The rough, raw leather of the opening is gradually smoothed out by herbal-tonic notes of lavender, sage and geranium. Leaving the African veldt for a wood-paneled library, our horned friend invites us to settle down with a leather-bound volume and a pipe of rich, moist tobacco. A bit fierce when you first meet him, Rhinoceros shows himself to be a creature of great refinement.

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