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Quilombo Eau de Parfum

Quilombo Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Fueguia 1833. The notes of this fragrance are Vanilla, Pampa Milk, Cane Sugar


In colonial Brazil, Quilombos were synonymous of resistance and independence. Protected by a labyrinth of rivers and impenetrable forests, these fugitive worlds encapsulated an untouched tropical landscape. Mixing together native and African roots, a wild atmosphere emerged full of dances, rhythms and delicious flavours made from cupuacú and dulce de leche (a candied concentration made from burnt milk). This is the scent of Quilombo, a mouthwatering treat that elevates the art of the milky gourmand beyond where we thought it could go. A sweet, creamy, “how did they do that?”-level realistic hot milk accord wows our noses and tastebuds alike, while careful touches of vanilla and cane sugar supplement without overwhelming, keeping the composition specific and never in the realm of generic dessert scent. Long a symbol of hope, perseverance and joy in the face of oppression, Quilombos occupy an important place in Brazilian history. No matter your own personal battles, we think Quilombo can be a fragrance that offers some small element of these important concepts with each spray.

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