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Oud Luban Attar / perfume oil

Oud Luban Attar / perfume oil is a fragrance by Xerjoff – XJ Oud Attars. The notes of this fragrance are Extract of Bulgarian Rose, Black Pepper, Orange Blossom, Cambodi Oud, Hindi Oud, Cedar Wood, Omani Incense, Vetyver


Oud Louban is a complex pattern of beautiful ingredients, seamlessly woven to compliment both each other and the wearer of this spectacular scent. With 2 different types of oud, Oud Louban achieves a stunning depth, perfected by the note of Omani incense that rolls and wanders throughout the composition. Black pepper grows more prominent as the scent develops on the skin, and the gorgeous floral notes of rose and orange blossom levitate the scent over a wild bed of vetiver.

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