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Osmanthus Interdite Eau de Parfum

Osmanthus Interdite Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Parfum d’Empire. The notes of this fragrance are Chinese tea, osmanthus, rose, jasmine, musk


Osmanthus Interdite, a new fragrance in the Parfum d’Empire collection of fragrances inspired by great empires of the past, is an ode to Chinese Empire, to ancestral wisdom and to a small white flower of a delicate pallor that expresses purity, serenity and stability ? osmanthus. The scent opens on a rich Chinese tea note woven around the complex and ethereal osmanthus with its unique combination of floral and slightly fruity, apricot-like aromas. We especially adore the fruity aspect of this unusual flower and think that those who, like us, have been searching for a slightly fruity, sweet osmanthus, have found their match. The gently honeyed, apricot-scented blossoms smell luscious and blissful; we can’t explain it, but the aroma of Osmanthus Interdite makes us happy and content. Enriched by rose and jasmine sambac, in the heart of the fragrance, osmanthus becomes sensual and velvety, mingling its fruity notes with the crystalline purity of the musks. Delicate and alluring, the fragrance is joyful and tranquil…a secret blossoming oasis of beauty in the midst of our busy modern life.

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