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Odeur 53 Eau de Toilette

Odeur 53 Eau de Toilette is a fragrance by Comme des Garcons. The notes of this fragrance are oxygen, flash of metal, fire energy, washing drying in the wind, mineral carbon, sand dunes, nail polish, cellulose, pure air of the high mountains, ultimate fusion, burnt rubber, flaming rock


Mission: a scent that nobody recognized. Abstract. Lack of a been there, done that snooze-fest.In 1998, CdG stepped away from natural ingredients, seeking to clone the ultra-modern straight outta the manmade world. The result? Fifty three non-traditional notes comprise this masterpiece, resulting in a very recognizable scent of crisp air mixing with cotton-drying-in-the-wind. We think it smells like a brand-new car and warm, soft human skin-perfection. You may think it sounds strange until you realize just how many of the notes of Odeur 53 you know (and love). ‘Cept for the nail polish part. We don’t smell that at all.

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