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No. 4 Apres l’Amour Eau de Parfum

No. 4 Apres l’Amour Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Thomas Kosmala. The notes of this fragrance are bitter orange, lemon zest, aromatic notes, fresh spice, dry wood, amber, musk


Après l’Amour is a 1960’s Serge Gainsbourg song filtered through the synth pop sensibilities of the 1980’s: candied lemon-rind musks and animalic notes suspended in a haze of modern woody-ambery aromachemicals. It smells like human skin after lovemaking ? erotically charged, moist, musky ? but thanks to a mesh of powerfully dry, smoky woods and electric ambers, broadcast at high volume to the rest of the world.
It’s this constant shifting of the scent from intimate to radiant and back to intimate again that makes Après l’Amour work. It seems to come with its own atmosphere – a crackle of electricity in the air; the rumbling of a storm to come. Utterly modern, even a bit brash, it’s one of those my-skin-but-better fragrances that send out a subliminal message of attractiveness without you really knowing why or how. If you like scents such as Molecule 01 and Another 13, make sure you don’t miss out on Après l’Amour.

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