Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Nero Perfume Oil

Nero Perfume Oil is a fragrance by Bruno Acampora. The notes of this fragrance are Citrus, saffron, cedar, patchouli, sandalwood, amber, musk


Intense and provocative. Nero is a take-no-prisoners woody oriental that mesmerizes and fascinates. It opens with citrus, but the moment of sunshine is fleeting as we enter a dark labyrinth of bittersweet saffron, bold cedar and hypnotic patchouli. The combination is dizzying ? almost narcotic in nature ? and we are led to an opulent lair filled with honeyed amber, burnished sandalwood and a deeply sensuous musk. Clearly, someone is up to no good. And if you are wearing this fragrance, it is probably you. As you would expect from Bruno Acampora, the musk note is incredible, and its warm, melting-into-the-skin quality keeps Nero smooth and balanced, and lets the darker elements frolic without running rampant over the entire composition. This means we can enjoy the risqué decadence of cedar and saffron while still being perfectly welcome in polite society. In fact, we’re fairly certain that if we were wearing this addictive blend, we would be welcome anywhere.

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