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Musk Aoud Extrait de Parfum

Musk Aoud Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance by Roja Parfums. The notes of this fragrance are Bergamot, lemon, jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, agarwood, ambrette, birch, leather, musk, nutmeg, oakmoss, precious woods, sandalwood, tonka bean, vanilla


Imagine a courtly banquet hall, its walls hung with massive velvet tapestries, Irish wolfhounds lounging in fireplaces, heavy winter fur cloaks and sleeping animals strewn all around the stone floor. The High Priest lights his censer in a lull of conversation, and walks slowly through the hall, allowing thick plumes of smoke from fragrant incense resins and bitter dried herbs to circulate. Traders have brought a rare treasure for the King to look at ? tiny shards of what they call oud wood. He burns a piece, and the air is suddenly pierced with a majestic aroma that comprises sour woodiness, smoke, rot, and a forest floor. This is what Musk Aoud smells like. All of this, all at once.
Roja Dove’s Musk Aoud is deeply, carnally suggestive. The musk is warm and suggestive of both animal and human fur. But what really rocks our boat is the current of smoky, oily sweetness running though the fragrance. The tensile weight here suggests centuries of smells packed in one on top of another, finally merging into one suggestive whole. We find it incredibly sexy. In fact, if we arrive at a bacchanalia and this scent isn’t being pumped through the air ducts, then we’re leaving.

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