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Musc Intense Eau de Parfum

Musc Intense Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by PARFUMS DE NICOLAI. The notes of this fragrance are Liqueur accord, Turkish Rose, Carnation and violet, Jasmine and rose absolutes.


?The fragrance I imagined is a flowery, soft, extremely sensual caress. Musc intense is a union of rose and white musk. I like the liquer top note, the elegant essence of Turkish Rose. Carnation and violet take over from there, sustained by jasmine and rose absolutes. Musc Intense is an explosive cocktail of musk notes…
A sensuous and particularly sophisticated fragrance. So Nicolai!?? ?? Patricia Nicolai
Musc Intense is a pillow-y floral musk, with a curious edge of clove and honeyed liqueur. A sophisticated powder element keeps this musk clean and dressed up. It reminds us of the polite part of the party when you still smell a bit like rosewater and powder, and everyone is waiting to have another cocktail before they ask you what perfume you’re wearing.

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