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Musc Bleu Eau de Parfum

Musc Bleu Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Il Profumo. The notes of this fragrance are Neroli flower, oak moss, moss flowers, woods, Ylang-Ylang, black geranium, white sandalwood.


We kept hearing about Musc Bleu from our customers who travel. ?I fell in love with this when I was in Italy and I’m dying for more, please carry it!? …and… ?I’m desperate and I can’t get back to Europe, just now ?why don’t you have Musc Bleu?? Intrigued by a fragrance with such diehard fans, we checked it out and instantly became diehard fans ourselves. Musc Bleu is an extraordinarily beautiful, soft, clean musk with a gentle hint of flowers. A simple idea executed extremely well. Sure, you can find floral musks all over the mall, but you would have to search a long, long time before finding one as perfect as this one. Possibly a lifetime. It opens with a light, crystalline freshness and it stays there, which is why it is so wondrous. It retains its delightfully clean airiness for hours without any hint of the musk turning animalic or overpowering. Pure and lovely. Sheer perfection.

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