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Monstera Eau de Parfum

Monstera Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Xinu. The notes of this fragrance are Leaves and fruit of Monstera, sacred ear flowers, white datura, bullhorn orchid


Monstera pays tribute to the scent of Monstera Deliciosa (??Delicious Monster??), a lush plant native to the tropical rainforests of Southern Mexico. Although Monstera produces fruit, the focus here is on the green, aromatic scent of the leaves, stem, and plant itself.
When talking about green scents, it’s important to define the type of greenness ? green perfumes can smell vegetal, herbaceous, bitter, dewy, bitter, or waxy depending on the notes used. What’s astonishing about Monstera is just how juicy and lush the greenery smells here, like a leaf that’s been snapped open, allowing great big droplets of plant juice and sap to seep out. The scent supports the crunchy greenery with an accord that smells like damp earth, bitter moss, and the sharpness of a pineapple-like note from the Monstera fruit. In its final movement, orchid and datura lend a subtly creamy white floral tone, the orchid in particular giving the scent a hint of bitter cocoa and vanilla. But in general, the aromatic greenery of a Mexican jungle is what lingers here, both in the mind and on the skin. Monstera is a leafy green scent that never once loses its focus, for a result that’s both beautiful and technically impressive.

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