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Monoscent G Eau de Parfum

Monoscent G Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by What We Do Is Secret. The notes of this fragrance are Galaxolide Super

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What, exactly, is Galaxolide Super, the sole aromachemical responsible for Monoscent G? In simple terms, it’s a synthetic ingredient with a light, clean, musky vibe that has been used in fragrance creation since standard Galaxolide was created in the 1960s- the powered-up “Super” version featuring light floral-powder tones came in 2007. In Monoscent G, Galaxolide Super finally steps out from behind the crush of perfume ingredients and stands alone. The result is a tantalizingly subtle skin-musk that can be either worn alone for a barely-there spritz of sexiness, or used quite effectively as a base layer for other fragrances, where it adds both longevity and an almost subconscious sensuality. However you choose to deploy it, Monoscent G is a secret weapon in any modern fragrance lover’s arsenal.
Please note that Galaxolide is a very subtle fragrance that cannot be detected by everyone. We definitely recommend trying a sample before buying!

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