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Mohragot Eau de Parfum

Mohragot Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Parfum Prissana. The notes of this fragrance are betel leaf, chalood bark, pandan leaf, lime, jasmine sambac, marigold, frangipani, canaga, incense, myrrh, benzoin, clove, rosewood, cinnamon, Thai oud, sandalwood, Thai vetiver, oakmoss


Mohragot, meaning?emerald?? in Thai, is an aromatic, muscular masculine that draws on the classical European fougère for structure but twists it in a distinctly Eastern direction for a scent that will surprise and delight even the most jaded of palates. Exotic touches such as earthy betel leaf, milky-green-sweet pandan leaf, and dusty, tobacco-ish chalood bark ? all materials indigenous to South East Asian countries such as Thailand and India ? make it clear that, although we can smell the inky bitterness of oakmoss and the dark green herbal undergrowth of the classic European forest shifting underneath, we are in unfamiliar territory. And it’s a thrilling realization.
Thus, in the place of dewy ferns and bright lavender, we smell the damp, reddish soil of the Thai jungle, which mingles with the chewy, green perfumeyness of sweet pandan leaves to create a deeply green, spicy aroma that soothes and excites all at once. In the base, Thai oud joins with a flinty, minty oakmoss and the coumarin-like nuances of chalood bark for a finish that is softly musky and woodsy, gently disengaging the scent from its aromatic topnotes. For those who love the classical fougère genre but wish it were a bit more innovative or exotic, Mohragot should be on your test list.

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