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Melodie de l’Amour Extrait de Parfum

Melodie de l’Amour Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance by Dusita. The notes of this fragrance are Gardenia, tuberose, honey, peach, broom, lily of the valley, jasmine, cedar, musk


A floral bouquet of overwhelming beauty, Melodie de l’Amour is another stunning example of Dusita creator Pissara Umavijani’s impressive ability to make old concepts feel new again. Featuring one of the most arresting, gorgeous gardenia notes ever captured and supplemented with a delightful blend of over 150 varieties of wild white flowers, it is a truly unique scent that floral lovers should take care not to miss.
Melodie de l’Amour opens with the aforementioned gardenia, a stunningly fresh, creamy and lightly spicy note that is perhaps the closest a fragrance has ever come to capturing the natural sophistication and beauty of fresh gardenia flowers. A wondrously creamy and narcotic tuberose flitters in, as well as the freshness of the wild flowers, dipped in romantically sweet honey. In the heart, a gently fruity peach plays amongst even more fresh, natural flowers- sweet Italian broom flower, rich, carnal jasmine and soft, sensual lily of the valley. A delicate base of soothing cedar oil and musk cradles the florals, prolonging the romance without ever supplanting the beautiful bouquet that’s the clear star of the show. Sweepingly gorgeous, yet soft enough to wear any day, in any situation, Melodie de l’Amour is one of the best florals we’ve experienced in quite some time.

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