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Mandodari Parfum

Mandodari Parfum is a fragrance by PRIN. The notes of this fragrance are Champaca, tuberose, gardenia, frangipani, aldehydes, coffee absolute, opium, black pepper, civet*, tobacco, oakmoss, ash, cumin, sandalwood, teak. *does not contain any actual animal products


Mandodari, or Montho in Thai: the queen consort of Ravana in Ramanyana, “beautiful, pious, and righteous”: and yet, tragically exploited, ignored, and betrayed by her husband and the gods. With Mandodari, Prin Lomros honors her struggle, giving to her the redemption arc the stories never could with a sweepingly gorgeous and complex floral oriental that seamlessly melds the divine with the earthly. Mandodari is built around a sparkling bouquet of aldehyde-kissed florals- smooth, fresh champaca, sweet frangipani, narcotic tuberose, carnal gardenia. Beneath the brightness, a swirl of mysterious spices lurk- rich coffee, fiery black pepper, and an ash-enhanced curl of smoky tobacco atop a darkly woodsy base. It’s a clever, empathetic nod to the darkness that lies beneath the beauty, a gesture to the unspoken tragedy of the mythology. For those who love beautiful aldehydic florals but long for a bit more substance and sophistication, Mandodari is a revelation.

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