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Lustre Eau de Parfum

Lustre Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Hiram Green Perfumes. The notes of this fragrance are Bulgarian rose, citrus, orris, olibanum


Imagine the sun rising over seemingly endless fields of roses in the heartland of Bulgaria. Lovers of rose know that given the infinite complexity inherent to the flower, a true rose soliflore may be anything except predictably simple. It is in this wondrous spirit that Hiram Green delivers Lustre, a celebration of the exquisite Bulgarian rose that combines everything we love about rose with everything we love about Hiram Green. To put it another way, Lustre is a vivacious, joyful, sun-drenched rose scent with an abundance of both naturalism and sophistication. This is unmistakably Bulgarian rose, so lush and fresh that you can feel the soft flesh of pink petals between your fingers, with citrus to maximize its sparkling brightness, creamy orris to round out the lush floral profile, and just a dab of olibanum for richness and longevity and to complement the rose’s natural honeyed sweetness. A near perfect Bulgarian rose soliflore, Lustre is a new triumph for one of niche perfume’s most meteoric rising stars.

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