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Lucid Dream Eau de Parfum

Lucid Dream Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Ex Idolo. The notes of this fragrance are Pink pepper, davana, smoky osmanthus, rose, incense, white patchouli


Lucid Dream is an olfactory exploration of the semi meditative state in which a person is aware they are asleep but is able to control their surroundings, and an ode to the potential hidden in every one of us. Juxtaposing rich, bright notes of pink pepper and davana with smoky, meditative florals and incense, Lucid Dream truly feels like another plane of existence, an ethereal journey into a world where we follow our wildest artistic impulses and break through the creative blocks that may impede our waking lives. It’s a vivid, yet ethereal, experience, simultaneously romantic and contemplative, with the outstanding ingredient quality and rich tonalities for which Ex Idolo is known. Will Lucid Dream make you a master of your own subconscious? While we can’t guarantee it, with a scent this wonderfully evocative, you’ll certainly be inspired to find out.

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