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Lemon Line Eau de Parfum

Lemon Line Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Mancera. The notes of this fragrance are sparkling lemon, orange, lavender, white flowers, amber, geranium, white musk, oakmoss,


A testament to the energizing, sensual power of citrus, Lemon Line proves that simplicity can be incredibly sexy. Featuring a crisp, aromatic, intoxicatingly fresh lemon note, Lemon Line pairs it with Mancera’s signature white musk and a delicate lavender-led floral bouquet, lightly supporting the energizing tartness of the lemon, while a sharp oakmoss accord lends further depth and keeps the lemon note true throughout the long-lasting drydown. Is Lemon Line simple? Absolutely. And that’s what we absolutely love about it.

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