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Jardin du Poete Eau de Toilette

Jardin du Poete Eau de Toilette is a fragrance by Eau d’Italie. The notes of this fragrance are Green orange, sweet orange, bitter orange, grapefruit, blackcurrant, petitgrain, buchu leaf, basil, angelica, cardamom, pink bay, cyclamen, lily of the valley, rose, moss, immortelle, cypress, hay, musk.


Eau d’Italie teams up again with Bertrand Duchaufour for this lyrical interpretation of an al fresco dinner in a Sicilian garden. Orange in every tone ? tart, bitter, sweet ? is livened up with grapefruit, whose raspy, slightly sulfurous facets are underlined with cassis and the minty buchu leaf; basil conjures the aromatic herbal garden. These green facets, as well as the rosy undertones of the grapefruit segue into the green, watery, rose-like cyclamen, a natural companion to lily of the valley and rose providing a rich, moist, floral counterpoint to the sparkle of citrus… Immortelle, moss and hay conjure the heat exhaled by vegetation as the sun sets after a warm summer day.
Like its source of inspiration, the?Poet’s Garden?? manages to find a perfect balance between citrus, herbal, floral and wood notes; between the vitality of nature in the Mediterranean, and the harmonious, millennial Mediterranean culture.

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