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Into The Void Eau de Parfum

Into The Void Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Juliette Has a Gun. The notes of this fragrance are Licorice, orchid, tonka, papyrus, cedar, patchouli, gaiac, ambroxan, norlimbanol


Outer space- simultaneously bright and pitch black, weightless but infinitely dense, free from all physical forces and laws. This is the scent of Into The Void, Juliette Has a Gun’s most radical and unique fragrance yet from the always surprising Luxe collection. In Romano Ricci’s take on the infinite unknowable that is space, dark and light intertwine, delivering a warm yet lightweight combination of dry woodsiness and curious intensity. A distinct licorice note arrests our attention from the beginning, leaving us open for the alien tones of orchid touched with powdery, papyrus-laced tonka bean. Animalic, ambery wood notes meld with a patchouli so sharp it’s almost two dimensional, and the overall effect is haunting, deep but delicate, and utterly original. Take a step into the unknown with Into The Void- a fragrance for the bravest and boldest that represents a giant leap for Juliette Has a Gun.

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