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Inflorescence Eau de Parfum

Inflorescence Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by BYREDO. The notes of this fragrance are Rose petals, pink freesia, magnolia, lily of the valley, fresh jasmine


A freshly cut bouquet of flowers that has been supercharged, as if struck by electricity or cross-bred with blossoms from another planet: radiant lily of the valley, honeyed freesia, creamy magnolia, incandescent jasmine ? all captured at the height of their bloom, dazzling and stark white in contrast to glossy green leaves. The lily of the valley is especially vivid and luminous, giving this the heightened, otherworldly beauty of a perfect day in spring, with the skies a bright enameled blue and the new grass so vivid it is almost neon.
Inflorescence is airy and euphoric. There is nothing dark or heavy to weigh down the dewy green notes or the profusion of glowing flowers. It has a scintillating lightness, in the sense that it floats and trills like a flute solo, not in the sense of being a shy or soft scent. This is bright and strongly present and joyously feminine from beginning to end.

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