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Ilha do Mel Eau de Parfum

Ilha do Mel Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by MEMO. The notes of this fragrance are Oil of mandarin, hyacinth accord, oil of juniper, broom flower absolute, gardenia accord, iris concrete, jasmine absolute, orange blossom absolute, vetiver, musk, oil of vanilla


Ilha do Mel, or “Isle of Honey, ” is the affectionate named bestowed by Brazilians to this beloved destination off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. Gorgeously picturesque, Ilha do Mel features no roads, no automobiles, and almost no development of any kind- simply sandy paths connecting postcard-perfect beaches and stunning coastal views. To capture the spirit of this stunning locale, MEMO has delivered a bright yet richly sweet floral as sunny and relaxing as a perfect day at the beach.
Ilha do Mel opens with a beautifully crisp burst of juicy mandarin and floral-green hyacinth, given lovely contrast with concentrated oil of juniper seeds (Ilha do Mel is a part of MEMO’s Graines Vagabondes collection focusing on seeds). The true richness, however, lies in Ilha do Mel’s honeyed heart, where a syrupy richness flavors a lush bouquet led by gardenia, jasmine and iris. A vanilla bean base adds creaminess but never even approaches heaviness- this is truly a day spent in the sand and sun. Gorgeous, carefree, and soothing- isn’t it time you took a trip to the Isle of Honey?

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